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The smallest film camera on the market, Sony FX3

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

La cámara de cine más pequeña del mercado

The Sony FX3 is the smallest member of the Sony Cinema Line saga where the top is the Sony Venice, a high-end cinema camera, followed by the Sony FX9 that comes to replace the acclaimed FS7. The Sony FX6 is one of the most popular in the family especially for television production including ENG.

With similar characteristics and with the same sensor as the FX6 is the FX3 with which it also shares the type of media: SD cards and CFexpress type A. Both equipped with a double ambivalent bay. Of course, for the most powerful codecs it is necessary to use CFexpress cards, as well as high-speed recording.

In the high-resolution digital film and video camera rental environment, the Sony FX3 is one of the most requested models for several reasons: Its size which facilitates its portability and assembly in difficult environments. Secondly, its full frame sensor makes it very bright and thirdly, its full compatibility with the Cinema Line family. But there is one feature that makes it the favorite of many filmmakers and videographers that it shares with the other members of the family, except the Venice, which is AFC or continuous autofocus. Sophisticated tracking features keep your subject in focus so you can focus on composition. Enjoy precise focusing with Eye AF and tracking functions thanks to the AI-based subject recognition algorithm. The FX3 includes 7 AF Transition Speed ​​settings to provide easy selective focusing and 5 AF Subject Shift Sensitivity settings to easily customize AF behavior with your subject locked on. You can also select the subject you want to focus on just by touching the LCD monitor.

A handle with an XLR adapter and two full-size XLR terminals can be connected to the camera's Multi Interface (MI) shoe for stable use and operation in difficult shooting situations, such as shooting at low altitudes.

Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the FX3 offers great mobility. The attached handle and holes for mounting accessories without a frame allow for quick and fluid handling. The main body and covers are constructed from lightweight magnesium alloy to improve performance and durability in demanding environments.

An ideal camera for a film and television production services company and rental of high-quality equipment.

The smallest film camera on the market, Sony FX3

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